Every real estate agent has the same resources.

The exact same tools.

But the bottom line is...

Buying your home is a very personal endeavor.

Your agent should be your personal advocate.

Your guide, your confidant, and your personal resource.

Find your perfect Realtor match.

Accept nothing less.

Our first priority is your peace of mind.

Research all you want but know you don’t have to. We fully expect you to check your brain and depend completely on us for all your questions and concerns regarding the sale of your home. There are ever-changing laws, ethical practices and practical considerations that you don’t want to learn on your own through trial and error or relying on a book or information off the Internet. It’s just not worth the risk or an effective use of your valuable time.

You are part of the team.

There should not be any doubts or uncertainties about what is going on with your home—ever. You will never feel pressured to make decisions. You will feel educated, informed and confident because we will walk you through a very comprehensive and unique marketing strategy for your home. We will address in detail the competition in the marketplace, current property values, and trends, the proper pricing of your home and timing expectations just to name a few. We are strong believers in there are no stupid questions so never hesitate to ask.

We do it all.

We are going to help get you the most money for your home. Sometimes getting a home ready for market can be stressful. So we come armed with a list of solutions not a list of problems. In order to do that we offer many services outside a typical agent’s duties. We offer things like home staging, interior design services or help moving furniture. We will also help you if you wish to sell your home furnished. From home maintenance/repairs to lenders, title companies, insurance, inspectors to people who can help you with long after your sale like pest control, yard service, pool guy...we have a network of reputable people we have built relationships with over the past 15 years.

Your dog will love us

Dogs are incredibly perceptive and intelligent creatures. They may not understand the nuances of everyday life, of course, but dogs have an incredible ability to read people. They go with their gut. Go with yours when choosing an agent.

It would be a privilege to be your agent.

Our goal is to make you a lifetime client—even if you never ever buy or sell another piece of property with us. That means our only motivation is taking care of making you happy.

House Match offers resources to help get your home in top listing price form.

Some Facts

Our list price to sales price ratio is 97%

This number is so important because it is really telling you something about how we work. We price property effectively and work to sell it at list price. We don't make grandiose promises about your home's value to coax you into listing with us only to start badgering you about reducing your home's price after you have signed a contract.

We know Lakewood Ranch not just because we live here but because it grew up around us.

Rachel Woodruff, your lead real estate agent bought her first house when she graduated from high school. Yes, high school. She bought her house in Lakewood Ranch and was the 16th home buyer in Lakewood Ranch. Her name is on the plaque in the sales center in Summerfield. Our marketing director has lived in Lakewood Ranch since 1999 and bought her first home in Summerfield Glen and was one of the 1600th home buyers. Lakewood Ranch Blvd did not go through to state road 70 when they moved here. They may know a thing or two about Lakewood Ranch.

We have a dedicated creative marketing director on our team.

Selling your home takes marketing. Not the kind of marketing that looks like we learned how to do it watching YouTube videos. The really good looking stuff that is backed by research and proven results.

We love other real estate agents.

Our mission is not to capture the largest commission, our mission is to sell your home. Research conducted by the National Association of REALTORS shows that 87% of home buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker. Part of our job is selling your home to other agents.

An offer is just the beginning.

So many deals can fall apart right when you think you are at the finish line. An offer is just the beginning of a process of appraisals, inspections, and financing – a lot of possible pitfalls. We can help you write a legally binding win-win contract that is more likely to make it through the process. Direct and open communication and advice is critical at this stage! Having good relationships with other agents become critical because they often times could be the ones sitting across the negotiating table.

We love paperwork.

The paperwork alone is overwhelming. Good thing we know our way around it like the back of our hand. It is not unusual for questions or unexpected problems to occur during key moments like during your closing. But that's why you have us, always forging ahead with a mindful solution based on years of experience!

New construction is not new to us.

Having us on your side when building a new home doesn't cost you anything and the savings can add up! Not sure of what builder is reputable? Easy to work with? Between us we have built over 10 homes in Lakewood Ranch so we know our way around the pitfalls of negotiating a new home contract — learn from our mistakes! Let us help you avoid the change order fees and open-ended contract terminology that can lead to ugly unforeseen change order fees later on. Afraid of the design center on your own? We can make sure you have designer insight on your side.

Here is just a simple introduction:

  • Here is just a simple introduction:

  • We will help guide you on how to price your home strategically so you're competitive with the current market and current price trends.

  • We will help stage your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers: uncluttered rooms and closets, fresh paint, and terrific curb appeal. If you need repairs or design help we have the resources to get things done.

  • We only use the best professional photographers in the Sarasota area. You will not find us clicking pictures with our cell phones pretending to be a photographer. We know amazing pictures make a difference so we allocate a budget for the real deal. Plus you will have nice pictures to remember your home by.

  • MLS system, including as many photographs possible with descriptions. Don't worry your listing is going to look amazing on account of the great pictures we already invested in!

  • Employ a strategic marketing campaign specific to your home's best selling assets. Here are a few things we will employ:

  • Distribute "just listed cards" to neighbors, encouraging them to tell family and friends about your home.

  • Email Campaigns to active buyers, agents and investors in our database who are looking for homes in your price range and area.

  • Marketing materials placed in your home

  • Optimize your home's internet presence.

  • Track Showings/Collect Feedback. Constant team participation, support, and updates. We want to communicate at your pace in your space. Phone, email, face-to-face, weekly, daily, hourly...we work for you.

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